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Journey Towards Self-exploration!

About Me

Having a degree of Engineering, I am a Creative Writer, Innovative Content Developer, Motivational Speaker, Curious Reader, Enthusiastic Explorer and Venturous Thinker.

my favorite past time activities are Drawing Sketches, Dancing (Classical), Debates, Group Discussion, Playing Basketball, Badminton, Traveling, Reading, Interacting with new People and after all these, I am still discovering more and exploring myself.


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Hey! Are you one of those who don’t like Reading? If so, then this one is for you. I will upload my videos of the sessions that I conduct. Watch and share it if you like it and Get motivated.


Feelings Unboxed

In FEELINGS UNBOXED, I attempt to touch those untouched strings and emotions, which are felt by each one of us; but are difficult to put in words. It includes the Poems, Short Stories, Articles, Quotes and Six Word Stories. Read it, Feel it; if you like it, share it and don’t forget to send your valuable Feedback.