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About Me

Having a degree of Engineering, I am a Creative Writer, Innovative Content Developer, Motivational Speaker, Curious Reader, Enthusiastic Explorer and Venturous Thinker. Apart from these, my favorite past time activities are Drawing Sketches, Dancing (Classical), Debates, Group Discussion, Playing Basketball, Badminton, Travelling, Reading, Interacting with new People and after all these, I am still discovering more and exploring myself. I am also working as a Faculty of Communication Skills and IELTS in Station-e Language Lab.

Feelings Unboxed

In FEELINGS UNBOXED, I attempt to touch those untouched strings and emotions, which are felt by each one of us; but are difficult to put in words. It includes the Poems, Short Stories, Articles, Quotes and Six Word Stories. Read it, Feel it; if you like it, share it and don’t forget to send your valuable Feedback.
It is also a platform, where the readers can share their experiences, short stories or any kind of write-ups, which will be posted giving them complete privilege as well as authority over the write-ups. In fact, if you have a concept, then too it is heartily welcomed here; I will put the best of my knowledge to give it a shape.
Mail your write-ups or concepts to start your Journey!

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About Me ?

Born on 11th October, 1996 in Kota, Rajasthan; I am a simple girl, wishing to live the Life like an Adventure! Currently, I am staying in Rajkot. Though I pursue Engineering, I find interest in Writing, Speaking and Reading. I am a Bookworm. After exploring my hobbies, I started heading towards my hobbies as passion. I draw sketches. I read. I write. I teach. I motivate.
I had started working as a faculty of Communication Skills, which had made me aware of my own caliber. Now, I conduct Marketing Seminars, Motivational Sessions, Corporate Training, Book Talk and Personality Development Sessions in various Colleges and Companies.
I write Articles in SAURASHTRA POST newspaper. Checking my own limits, I now write Poems and Short Stories as well. Moreover, I am also Content Developer of Websites.
I have gained all these from BOOKS. Yeah! I am a Book Worm. Some of my favorite books are ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by Edward Schwatrz, ‘The Great Failures of the Extreme Succes’ by Steve Young, ‘You can Win’ by Shiv Khera, ‘World’s most Inspiring Stories’ by Francis Xavier, ‘Unstoppable’ by Nick Vijucic, and many more.
After all these, I am an Introvert (that’s what my friends think about me), but I prefer to talk to selected ones. Well, Though I am upgraded with the technology, I am not as Selfieholic or Photoholic as my friends are; yeah! but I don’t even mind if someone captures my pictures for me! All in all, I am an Overthinker, Lazy, Faint-hearted, Plain and understandable person.